Top 5 Home Improvement Extension that Add Value to Your Property

Improving your home can be seen as a simple and easier way to add value and make your property sell quickly, but in reality not all home improvement projects add value to your home. Simply putting a certain amount of money for your desired home project won’t necessarily increase your home value. In this article, we are going to highlight one way of adding value to your home. Adding an extension. Here are top five extensions that will instantly add the most value to your home.

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Increasing the floor space
Increasing a home’s floor space either by adding an extra living room or a basement extension at the side of your house pushes up its home value. Homes with basements have bigger value than those with none. It is also better if you consider adding an extra living space on the side of the house if you have a garden.
Extra bedroom extension
Building out an extra bedroom extension, perhaps in the garden or on top of your kitchen extension will boost the general home value. A bedroom extension on the rear of your home increases its values by 10%, which makes it one of the best home improvement extensions. You can also create an extra bedroom with a loft conversation.
Adding an extra bathroom
The trend in current home buyers and owners is seeking for bigger and more bathrooms. Squeezing that extra bathroom will typically add your home value by 5%. Demand for en suite is on the rise. People are looking for comfort and simplicity at the same time they go for affordable quality. That extra bathroom instantly adds value to your home.
Conservatories when build using quality materials adds value to a home. If it is well blended with the rest of your home, a conservatory adds a fantastic extra space and a lot of light, especially in more built-up areas. If done correctly, a conservatory makes your home value to be significant.
Kitchen extension and refurbishment
A new kitchen extension will give you the edge when it comes to adding your home value. You might decide to extend your existing kitchen or add a new one on the side.
Adding extension ranges from just adding a few square feet of your current home to multi-room or to even double story addition. Depending on your preferences, building access, the structural condition and the ground around your home, you can decide what extensions are best.


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